short update feat. my sketches

my OC original character in case u dont know.

throwback: masa tu aku study physics. menagantuk gila. aku ada la gambaq ana dlm fon aku.
so i thought why not. buat ja lah. then i just do it la :)
the most awkward part to draw probably the lips. my TIP for shading:
tonyoh pensel (pensel sahaja) kat kertas lain dulu lepas tu ambik tisu, cuih sikit
lepas tu sapu kat potret *thumb's up*

and tada!!!! my shay patrick cormac is almost finish! take me more than two months man doing this. i think it was okay. payah jugak la nak buat soang ni pun sebab aku boleh melukis and mewarna pada waktu malam ja. first reason sebab aku tak larat hmmmm alasan second reason is that ligthting waktu malam dgn lighting waktu siang tak sama. third reason is that, kadang2 mata aku ni buat hal. tah la kenapa...dgn komputer lama sangat tak pun another passing phase. 

lebih dua bulan dah la aku kaler kawan ni. start masa minggu first bulan puasa. mewarna sambil tgk gameplay videos. ya lah boring kan. and besides gambaq ori dia ada dlm laptop so sambil menyelam minum ayaq la. tgk gameplay vids dgn mewarna at the same time. dont ask me how i do it. i just do it yknow :) 

waktu bulan posa tu, aku buat satu malam satu bahagian. so sbb tu la yang lama tu. one more, you can see that ada part yg elok, ada part yang kurang elok but still elok. what i'm trying to say is, different part, different technique, different outcome. so yeah. of course i'm proud of myself. AND sebelum aku warna dia ni, aku buat base skecth dulu guna pensel 2B. yah! i know right, 2B. orang sketch guna H atau HB, hang 2B. well besa la I. hahahah! serius okay. base sketch ni aku buat tahun lepas kot. first night short sem (bulan Oktober kot tak silap) dah mula. aku boring gila kot. so i thought nak lukis dia ni lah sebab dia punya outfit smart gila. hihihi. smart doh! masa bulan posa jugak lah aku baru siap base sketch dia. kira bulan Mei (pada tahun 2016) baru siap sepenuhnya dgn fine details sekali. lepas tu warna. pehhhh what a ride !!

i still have art projects that wanna do but idk. my almost spend my whole semester break try to finish him. sikit lagi nak habis tapi haiih jauhnya lagi. nak tambah shadow ngn shade. fuuuuuhhh. so ya :D

there's the update. ikutla nak baca ka dak

favourite video game sountrack this month : Infamous Second Son

P/s: possible continuation of "Beg for mercy part 2"  stay tuned hahaha!

Down and Nerdy

dedicated to my friend who just turned 19 on 11th June recently. yeah she said i was the one who introduced her to the gaming world - from the letter she gave to me after the graduation ceremony. heck yeah. before we begin here, a McD's french fries. because their fries are good

what am i doing this semester break??
ehh not so much. tumblr and youtube as usual. EUROs and ehh that's it. Formula 1. video games gameplay that i have watched, since last year until noww (in no particular order):
note that: DLC stands for downloadable content
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate
  • CoD: Ghost(s?)
  • CoD: Advanced Warfare hahahah Kevin Spacey. eerrrhhhmargerdddd
  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Assassin's Creed III
  • Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington DLC
  • Life is Strange - ehhhh kinda teenage drama, story based
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate: Jack the Ripper DLC 
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate: The Last Maharaja DLC 
  • Until Dawn - horror, thriller, story based Rami Malekkkkkkkk!!!! Ya Allah, dia comey ni sungguh!
  • Uncharted 4 - adventure, action, best bapak!! *thumbs up for this one*
  • Assassin's Creed Unity
  • Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings DLC
  • Assassin's Creed Rogue
  • Outlast - awesome horror thriller
  • Outlast: The Whistleblower DLC - horror, thriller, +18 (a few minutes of nudity, less than 10 i promise)
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst - mainly because of Icarus
  • ever so recently: Tales from the Borderlands - kinda comedic, adventure, story-based. featuring a very cute robot. AWESOME GILAAAHH!
  • The Division - third person shooter, story-based hmm kinda. amazing cutscene
the games
let's talk about Assassin's Creed first. AC for short. so, how to describe this game:
before the game is released : awesome, amazing, computer generated graphics trailers, badass-looking assassins who's gonna kill every templar on sight just by looking at them
after the game : okay eehhhhh kinda graphics, harmless templars, money is always not enough, ammo is not enough, melee, short weapon combats also hand to hand combat, ever good looking assassins and templar leaders. 

the AC franchised is my favourite video game franchise from Ubisoft like since the beginning. i always fall for the trailer's graphics. always looking good and new. but when it come to the real game, well not disappointing at all but it was kinda okay. yknow graphic transitions. hmm. AC Syndicate (ACS) and AC Unity (ACU) are my favourites. as for Syndicate, the reasons are, in Syndicate, the combat is much brutal and attractive characters ppfffffttttttt. also it's slightly different. instead of playing one assassin you can play two! that's syndicate. the downside for this game is graphics. but overall IT IS A COOL GAME. and also a confusing game with a lot of potholes. don't left us to rot Ubisoft.

AC Unity next. i don't really like the story but what i REALLY like about this game is the graphics and the NPCs. NPC or non-playable character in Unity is far better than Syndicate's. in ACS the npcs are hahahaha kinda hideous. for female npcs, the face is the same. for Unity, the npc tu ada la taraf dgn main character. not just npc masa cutscene, all the surrounding npcs as well. like...much better kot. tiba2 BM. hah lel.

youtubers i recommend: Gameriot, theRadBrad and Tetra Ninja

the horrors and thrillers: Until Dawn, Outlast and Outlast: The Whistleblower (one youtuber i recommend: theRadBrad <---- this guy is loved by his subscribers). Until Dawn, hohohoho dia punya horror tu slow merangkak. but worth it. kena tunggu. spoilers: happened in one night. my fav. horror Outlast and Outlast: The Whistleblower. ni memang aku suka ah. hebat lagi dari horror movie kat panggung. tgk waktu siang tau...waktu malam pon boleh. tapi pastikan bukan dlm bilik. lampu pasang terang2, bukak tv, tu pun sport channel.

adventures and drama with the team: Life is Strange, Uncharted 4, Tales from the Borderlands. I recommend GameRiot for Uncharted 4, and Tetra Ninja for Tales from the Borderlands. for Life is Stranger, aku tgk kt MKIceandFire. Life is Strange - this game is set in a fictional town named Arcadia Bay (kinda like somewhere in Oregon, USA) and a story about the friendship between Max Caufield and Chloe Price. al-kisahnya macam ni la. Max ni tidaknya mmg dok Arcadia bay dah, lepas tu pindah pi Seattle. lepas tu dia dpt biasiswa untuk menuntut kt Blackwell Academy ehhh sekolah swasta mula2 ohh everything is okay apa semua, then things start to fall into place after Max found surveillance footage in Chloe's stepdad laptop. dari situ---heh tgk video gameplay sendiri yer. 

Uncharted 4 - story based. ada tembak2. good guy vs bad guy. featuring also Cassie Drake and her dog and Malaysia ;)
my ultimate fav.: Tales from the Borderlands - game ni memang drop dead syok ah. tak la banyak2 tambak2 sangat. episode last baru banyak tembak2. story based. in game cutscene. amazing art. the developers who did this really thingk everything through to bring this game and it couldn't get any better. to my dearest friend yg baru nak jinak2 dgn game, hek lol and to best friend, Miss D, tgk gameplay game ni tau. absolutely worth it. lawak pulak tu. ada robot comey pulak tu. OMG!

the games i am looking forward this year: Outlast 2 and Watch_Dogs 2

eeeee!! creepynya. watch a roughly 5 minute gameplay??
takpa tak takut pon gameplay dia tu. kena ligan dgn orang kampung ja

hhihiihihi sorry for the long post. i really just wanted you guys to know, this is what i am doing cuz i dont have the game and all i can do is watch trailers and feel hopeful about it and watch the gameplay. so yeah.. bye.

kalau tak suka jangan baca tau